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The Project

After studying the context of the country, the way to have the most impact is to start by targeting the portion of the population which is most in need of Charity Boxes.


At first, we had several meetings with the representatives of the state like the heads of the communes as well as the heads of the neighborhoods of the city.


Then, in the capital we decided to begin to intervene in the commune of Antehiroka, including 9 districts including 83'000 inhabitants and 462 people living in slums (our target population).


The priority is to give access to first necessity products to the 462 people targeted, we want to install Charity Boxes in the 9 neighborhoods so that the population can come and drop food for consumption, as well as clothes, shoes, duvets...

The Charity Boxes

What is a solidarity terminal?


Its function will be to receive food suitable for consumption, clothes, personal hygiene products and recyclable materials.


Why put in place Charity Boxes?


To prevent part of the population to seach in the garbage for food and products to sell. The objective of this project is not that the people coming to the terminals become dependent on them, but that they can regain a sense of dignity so that they can subsequently be welcomed and reintegrated into society.


What are they like?


It is a sturdy and immovable red brick, cement construction with a two-storey wooden door. With a length of 150cm, a depth of 70cm and a height of 150cm. Charity Boxes are built by a local Malagasy company.


Who will take care of the Charity Boxes?


Each Charity Boxes will be put in place near the office of each neighborhood chief who will be the godfather or godmother of it. The latter will ensure the monitoring of the box which include the cleaning by the beneficiaries themselves, he or she will as well ensure that each family have the equal access to the products. Finally, the neighborhood chief will be in charge of giving us feedbacks on the progress of the project.


Among the many other topics just as important as access to basic necessities: health, education and security are really important to us.


If an individual is not healthy, he can not move forward in his life.


Thus, we are launching a call out to retired or active doctors who wish to perform rotations in Madagascar to operate in clinics and make preventions.


We also call out to teachers and educators to give us their time to reduce the illiteracy rate.


Finally, we are calling out to anyone who in one way or another can help those families who need support.

The Big Red Land

A word from Tahiana, the founder of Fahamendrehana:

"As often on a Sunday, I began to write a song thinking about the beauty of this big Red Island.

Sadly, when thinking of Madagascar, the most recurrent image that kept coming to me was that of struggling people reduced to digging through the garbage in the city to find something to eat. So I wrote a song about them and that is how "The big Red Land" came alive.

Then bit by bit, the project of restoring dignity to all those who truly deserve it has taken shape.

I hope with all my heart that together, the world’s citizens, we will be able to restore their status as human beings.

Let's give with Love, they deserve to be loved and accepted by the community.

Let's start by giving back their dignity."

The Big Red Land - Lyrics

My thoughts are going to over twenty million


Of people in trouble on a big red earth


They say "everything will be fine"


But over the years, it's the same old line


Hunger, disease and insecurity have no secrets for them

Shouting poverty does not change the reality


I salute their courage and their smiling faces


Although only hell reigns in this great red country


They say "the next day will be bright"


But over the years, hell still beats you


The whole world, turn to you this country


Please see the suffering of its inhabitants


Of course, the island is beautiful if you only look at it superficially


Come on, let's give our hand in order to lighten the weight of the population


Hunger, disease and insecurity have no secrets for them


Shouting poverty does not change the reality


Please, help Madagascar.


Tahiana (23/04/2018)