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The association - How Fahamendrehana is born

Born on the Big Red Island, I left before the age of 10 to the East of Africa and Europe, to only return to Madagascar years later.

Shocked by poverty, my wishes to take actions and minimize or eventually eliminate this scourge has grown.

It is incredibly sad to see that the image of human beings who look for food through the garbage has become a decor and is assimilated to Madagascar, it has almost become normalized. 

In 2018, the project is finally born with the creation of Fahamendrehana ("Dignity" in Malagasy).

Let’s give them their dignity back!

Our Vision


Local: Madagascar is populated by more than 26 million inhabitants. Not all are in need. It is time to move forward in terms of sharing and solidarity.


International: International Solidarity is sharing from people to people, to fight inequalities and social injustices and guarantee access to fundamental rights. No matter where you live, your donations will be valuable to families in need.



To give dignity to a part of the Malagasy poeple. In 2018, it is difficult to see many families feeding themselves in garbage cans, we would like to give them access to a minimum: to eat daily, to dress properly and to have its place as a human in their society.

Our Values

Our Missions


Fahamendrehana's association is neither political or religious. We simply want to do our maximum within our capabilities, our actions would come straight from the heart without distinguishing a human by nationality, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliations. All actions of the association will be communicated in full transparency. Throughout the project we will opt for a participatory approach by working as much as possible with Malagasy people and local businesses, in order not to hinder their economy.

The objective of Fahamendrehana is to treat the different challenges by priority:

Short Term

Organization of fundraising for the financing of Charity Boxes.


Awareness campaigns for local and international solidarity.


Installations of the first 9 Charity Boxes.


Study of the effectiveness of the pilot project launched in Antehiroka.

Middle - Long Term


Continue fundraising to fund children's schooling, professional training for adults and continue raising awareness


Creation of a humanitarian chain with existing NGOs, in order to redirect the families to organizations that will assist them following their specific problems.


Development of Charity Boxes in other municipalities in need.

Faratahiana Randrianarisaona